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A little crazy fox slept in a barn and a chicken hatched her eggs right into his curled tail. he woke up, stretched, and out they fell - the chicken screeched, ran and tucked them under her belly. a little beggar boy walking past whistled loudly, startling a snoozing barn owl. one by one, with one mishap after the other, animals started waking up. A tiny girl inside the house had an exam the next day. she was gonna fake an injury coz she knew she'd fail otherwise. she walked into the farm, heavy footsteps thundering. she thought of sitting down and painting. she'd paint if only she knew what she wanted to paint. it was too hard to figure out. sometimes she'd just spill lots of colorful ink for the fun of it and let it flow around on paper. her hands always got messy. she wouldn't wash off the ink for hours, feeling like a painter whenever she saw her color-stained fingers. she wrote 'hip, cool and weird' on a sticker and stuck it on her door. ran to take a shower, almost thought some depressing thoughts that could make her cry but stopped at the last minute, combed her hair this way and that until she thought it was decent, and then skipped out. she wanted to look for medicines that could induce fantastical dreams, like the stuff of fairytales and folklore and mythology and the Panchatantra. she found nothing. her brain was like a little fortress, its thoughts guarded by a witch. the witch would let only one productive thought escape per day, and if tiny didn't catch it flying out, she'd never find it. she'd end up floundering around occupying herself with some fancy or the other. sometimes it was ghost stories, other times it was daydreaming about visiting childhood friends. she had a few plots in mind for a few books. she could sit down and write and be a wRiTer, if only she could harness her own thoughts and thread them together. at the end of the day, she usually gave up and went back to dreaming about barn owls or foxes and talking trees again. the one animal she wished she could talk to was her cat, a yellow-eyed, black domestic shorthair with the temperament of a two-year-old baby. tiny had too many ideas for quick escapes and too little money.